No More Playing Dumb

I have a vivid recollection of not studying for AP Chemistry exams my Senior Year in high school (1984-1985). Why?! Because when I got A’s, I was teased by the popular boys in my class. I realize now that this was based on their own insecurities, but it speaks to the times – girls were supposed to be sweet, attractive, and not overly ambitious or smart. If you went to college, your main goal was to get a MRS degree.

I really didn’t embrace my intelligence until I went to graduate school in 1992. It took moving to California for me to forge a new path and identity for myself. Everyone but my mom Ulla tried to talk me out of it. Thank you, Mom – I couldn’t have done it without your support.

Generation X

Rockford, Illinois © LISA S CLARK 2019

It is amazing and strange to me how often my generation is completely left out of The Conversation. For years now, you always hear about Boomers and Millennials, and more recently Gen Z and Alpha. It’s like Gen X disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle or something. 

I happen to be very fond of my generation – perhaps we all feel that way. We enjoyed our childhood in the 70’s, attended high school and college in the 80’s, and by the 90’s we entered postcollege young adulthood. The photo I am sharing was taken my sophomore year in high school before a New Wave dance party.